Eugene Poetry Society


Eugene Poet Society looks for members who share the desire to create and grow as poets via constructive feedback. Anyone with a serious interest in improving on their craft, as well as helping others to do so, are encouraged to join.  Membership is free. We are interested in all types of poetry, with a preference for works that are not overtly narrative. We also lean towards work that does not make excessive use of specific names and places. When you arrive at a EPS meetup, you will want to have at least one but no more than two poems you are ready to read aloud and receive feedback on. Please keep poems no longer than two minutes long so that everyone has a chance to read and receive feedback. Also, before you attend, please  read these three articles:
How to Give Useful Feedback
Responding to Writing
Reacting to Criticism
In order for the group to be as useful and productive as possible, we will consider your membership as an agreement to give only constructive criticism and to practice the guidelines discussed in the articles to the best of your ability.
We look to forward to meeting you and hearing your work! Hope to see you soon!